Shut the FUCK up, Uncle Joe



Shut the FUCK up, Uncle Joe.


Stop being a pansy-ass bitch and fucking do your job.

Your job does not involve your wistful fantasies about ~what could have been~.

How about instead, you apologize for shielding Clarence Thomas from public reckoning on the sexual harassment allegations made by Anita Hill when you were head of the Judiciary Committee during Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings?

Y’know, the real reason you didn’t run for president?

That would do us all a lot of good.


Author: A Blogger

Resident angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times

2 thoughts on “Shut the FUCK up, Uncle Joe”

    1. It did – and the role that Uncle Joe played in it is something that is on his permanent record and demonstrates his core attitudes.

      If Uncle Joe had kept up with the times and checked his male privilege sometime in the 20+ years between Thomas’ confirmation and his time in the ‘Will he run for President???’ spotlight, he’d have made a true reckoning of his past actions and given a public apology.

      That he didn’t manage to do that says everything I need to know about him.


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