John Judis Makes A Strawman

(This post has been edited for additional anger and satire.)

“I know some regular Republicans who are now disillusioned with Trump, but they were never that excited about him in the first place. They voted for him because he wasn’t a Democrat. J is different. He has the sensibility of the white working class voter. I don’t think he would call himself a Republican or a Democrat.

Some liberals believe that all Trump voters were consumed by racism or sexism and voted accordingly, but that’s not been my experience with Trump voters. It’s also defective political psychology. Like J, many of them thought Trump would make their life better rather than other peoples’ lives worse. And maybe a lot of them, like J, have now realized that Trump is full of hot air.”–100947

I love TalkingPointsMemo, and it was a pleasure to meet its founder Josh Marshall once upon a time. But this is clueless, and bullshit.


“Defective political psychology” of Republican-leaning folk (among others) in the US of A invariably has traceable roots to America’s “peculiar institution”, as well as the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the indigenous folk that were here before white people.

Euphemistically referring to people being fucking idiots while pooh-poohing the most central reasons why they are being fucking idiots is outright dangerous.

Don’t say that voters like J swung at a metaphorical pitch when they were actually playing T-ball.

Maybe do a little less of the Thomas Friedman impressions, John?


Author: A Blogger

Resident angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times

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