In which I invite Berniebros and their allies to get lost

If you are a left-leaning person who is offended by the suggestion that there is a relationship between the nature of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the white supremacist who killed people and was a big fan of Bernie Sanders, you’re invited to stop reading this blog…


Because, seriously: the man has led the latest iteration of a time-honored tradition of ego-driven Democratic presidential primary ‘movements’ that are politically incompetent. His campaign and him have embodied so much shitty white man *cough* *cough* – sorry, white noise in the Democratic Party.

The issues with his campaign and the associated ‘movement’ that Jamelle Bouie described and explored in April 2016 are related to some guy falling in love with Bernie Sanders as a candidate and ultimately fantasizing on Facebook about leading ‘loyal’ Bernie supporters in slaughtering Hillary Clinton supporters, four months before he killed two men who were heroes that gave their lives in defense of whatever is good about this country.

If your overarching motive in politics is fighting income inequality and political corruption, please: do something about it that’s more effective than whatever the [bleep] it is you and your allies are currently doing in the political discourse. And, unless you’re willing to make grave compromises, don’t let the door hit you on your way out of the Democratic Party of which Bernie Sanders *still* is not a member.

Rebels, radicals, and challenges to the Democratic Party as an institution are extremely necessary. But there are very definitive reasons why this blog exists in promotion of the Democratic Party, and will continue to for as long as this nation lives in a political context that is recognizably structured along the lines that were officially rung in by the passage and signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Welcome to the United States of America. This is what we’ve got.

A last note for the Bernie folks that are still reading this – don’t forget to care about the current state of affairs of ‘interest groups’ like Black people, women, and LGBT folk. Y’know, the thing that’s been the Achilles heel of your entire ‘movement’. It’s more important than y’all have given it credit for.


Author: A Blogger

Resident angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times

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