On selective enforcement

I’m amused at seeing that a Fox News person commented on how ‘nobody’ seriously believes that the DREAMers are going to be deported en masse.

What I want to illustrate is how full enforcement is not actually the regulatory point of mass de-legalization measures and immigration regulation in general, any more than it is the point of a 40-page terms of use agreement for a website, or marijuana being a maximally illegal drug in federal law.


The service of undocumented immigration to the country has been the creation of an exploitable underclass. It has served as a system in which any ‘good citizen’ – an employer, a roommate, a police officer – has the looming shadow of deportation and lack of legal standing to leverage against an undocumented immigrant.

This is much of why the system of people in desperate limbo has developed – perhaps more accurately, was federally created in recent decades.

The status quo is not an accident; the intermediate state of selective enforcement against ‘illegal immigrants’ benefits those in power, maintaining an ‘un-American’ underclass of America for political, racial, and economic benefit.

(Side note: It’s also a way for malignant narcissists to make vulnerable women their wives.)


The beauty of DREAMers was their having moved away from a life of danger and insecurity to an intermediate state in which they could actually live freely. It was a state in which the government promised them that they would not be deported, and in which they could live like human beings worthy of legal rights and respect.

This is what has been taken away.


To argue for what is legal in the context of undocumented immigration is to be sociopathically disinterested in human beings existing in relation to forces that can buy the law or lack thereof, as well as the country’s history of racial discrimination and dehumanization enshrined into law.

It is not a coincidence that Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the overseers of the corrupted edge of the nation’s laws, physical boundaries, and economic needs, is more horrible and fascist than most people would like to imagine could exist in the ‘land of the free’.

Their job is to enact the violence necessary to keep things profitable for corporations and racist for white people.

The violence of ICE is the foreseeable outcome of the formalized neglect and exploitation of undocumented folks, born of greed and racism, that is older than I am.


And now, DREAMers are being told that, despite their lovable and impossibly perfect efforts in seeking to be treated with dignity and respect, they deserve to be thrown to our American wolves.

If they piss off the wrong ‘good citizen’, of course.

Because in the shadows, they can be useful;

they can be used.


Author: A Blogger

Resident angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times

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