A statement of anger on behalf of feminism

With computer science and tech, everything* gets more accessible and easier to do. It just takes time.

My computers education and past professional work involved a lot of flailing in frustration with formatting and cleaning datasets, learning and getting confused between different programming ‘dialects’ (they’re called languages, but they’re, like, all pretty similar), and trying to do things that were theoretically possible, but which couldn’t be done except by building everything “from the ground up” myself.

Now, basically everything is accessible and available enough that a 6-year-old could help find a cure for cancer.

And computers, science, and math are still ‘not for girls’.

Meanwhile, I’m a math/statistical genius, and I love it.

Which is why, as a girl, I’ve done things like get a #1 ranking in North America in a male-dominated ‘video game’ (Hearthstone) on a whim and a prayer – as proof positive that modern culture is full of shit.

* – everything that maintains the interest and support of the developers of the world, who actually do a pretty good job of things, honestly


Author: A Blogger

Resident angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times

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