The Case for Paul Manafort, The Mole

(This is baseless speculation.)

Seriously – Paul Manafort being the FBI’s confidential informant in the Trump campaign makes so much sense.

  1. The way Manafort basically teleported to the top of the Trump campaign, with Manafort’s interest driving Trump bringing him on.
    One might wonder what prompted Manafort’s interest, like threats by the FBI.
  2. That silly bit about Manafort sleeping through the illegal “we have information on Hillary Clinton” meeting with Donald, Jr. that’s at the heart of the public collusion narrative.
    The simplest way to not give anything away is to act like you don’t give a shit and not have questions asked of you.
  3. That Manafort, and his underling Rick Gates, were the first (after George Papadopoulos) to face charges in the Trump/Russia investigation.
    Manafort is dirty as all hell, but arresting him is also a nice way for the FBI to get him out of Trump’s orbit and under federal protection. It wouldn’t be the first time the feds turned someone dirty – he’s far from the worst compared to the ones we know about.
  4. The way that Trump more or less stopped talking about Manafort after the charges came through.
    It’s sketchy evidence, and maybe he’s said more than I’m remembering right now, but I think that Trump would have gone after Manafort harder if he didn’t subconsciously sense that Manafort has him in a vice-grip, and was intimidated that bullying and bluster wasn’t going to help him.
  5. I’m channeling Josh Marshall a bit on this one –“Early on I realized that when it came to Trump if I figured out the stupidest possible scenario that could be reconciled with the available facts and went with it, that almost always turned out to be right. The stupider, the righter.”The most Donald Trump scenario would be for Trump to have selected a snitch as his highest-level campaign adviser for the most crucial part of his presidential campaign. It’s so ridiculously foolish, it must be true.

Book it, Danno.


Author: A Blogger

Resident angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times

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