Does anyone have the Curb Your Enthusiasm soundtrack handy?


I’m truly beyond words.


A brief interlude on disability accommodations

(Facebook video below – see

Wonderful stuff to innovate. Scary and sad (imo) that it took so long for something like this to happen.

Because, seriously. Let’s say that disability accessibility started to be on the public radar around 1990, when the Americans with Disabilities Act passed. That means there’s been over two decades of ASL interpreters who weren’t deaf or hard of hearing that have been doing shitty and inadequate ASL interpretations of music and musical performances.
That’s not all, or even mostly, on the ASL interpreters. I would imagine that they’ve been in a precarious negotiating position to ask for much of anything from their often-begrudging employers. Developing and introducing a new, uncertified style of sign language that their deaf/HoH audience would have to learn would have been nothing short of a miracle.
(If I’m going to put most of the responsibility for this not happening sooner on any one group, it would be the institutions for advocacy on behalf of deaf/HoH people that without doubt are nearly as infested with Good Parents Doing The Best For Their Children as Autism $peaks. Anyway.)
My point is this – when I watch this video, and the presenter talks about signing ‘brave’ for Whitney Houston’s legendarily expressive national anthem performance, I can just see an ASL interpreter signing ‘brave’ for less than a second and then standing around awkward or bored, and their deaf/HoH audience knowing that something incredible and profound is still happening, and that they’re being told they’re not worthy of being made a part of the experience. And I die a little inside.
Disability accessibility does not mean just ‘making accommodations’ – it means making *empathetic* accommodations, that create a genuinely equatable experience, in a way that is actually worth a damn.

Nelson speaks for me

“In one sense, it should not be surprising that Trump is struggling. He is the most inexperienced new president in history, and lacks the political networks and insider contacts that most commanders-in-chief take for granted when they take office…

[The attempt to quickly force through the AHCA] was part of a White House strategy to get a fast start in the First 100 Days to create a shock-and-awe sense of momentum. But the tactic appears to have backfired — especially in the case of Obamacare and the travel ban where too little time was spent assessing the political and legal complexities and framing a coherent strategy.”




Srsly tho

What it looks like to me:

If Joe Biden hadn’t been too proud to make a heartfelt public reckoning with and apology for his actions during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, he would be president right now.

He was charismatic, funny, heartfelt, and a sitting VP with a tragic backstory. Plus, sexism and Clinton Derangement Syndrome. And I think it’s fair to say that he’d have embarrassed Trump decisively like the elementary-school-level bully that Trump is, without the sexism making people ignore or fail to see Trump getting schooled.

But him having been able to make that reckoning and apology would mean he would be a different person than he is.

So fuck hypotheticals, and fuck him.

Shut the FUCK up, Uncle Joe



Shut the FUCK up, Uncle Joe.


Stop being a pansy-ass bitch and fucking do your job.

Your job does not involve your wistful fantasies about ~what could have been~.

How about instead, you apologize for shielding Clarence Thomas from public reckoning on the sexual harassment allegations made by Anita Hill when you were head of the Judiciary Committee during Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings?

Y’know, the real reason you didn’t run for president?

That would do us all a lot of good.