This blog’s mission

Reposting the mission statement in the blog proper –

“The Republican Party, having ceased to function as a party of governance, has come to be engaged in an abusive relationship with the United States of America.
This blog’s mission is:
-to analyze the psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually abusive tactics of Republicans and their allies, primarily at the national level.
-to explore and develop new understandings of political theory and practice for
everyone that opposes the abusive practices of the Republican Party and its allies at the national level.
-to advocate for more effective and better-prepared Democratic politicians, policy, and politics in the face of a dysfunctional and abusive political environment.
Let’s elect less sucky Democrats.”

Shocked and Awed

I was wrong. The bill did not pass.

“We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” – Paul Ryan

Thank God.

The violent insanity of the Republican Party overcame their tactical and rhetorical superiority today, as the “Keep the government out of my Medicare!” movement managed to choose self-preservation over coded racism.

That said, the Republicans are building a very nice pillow fort for themselves amidst the wreckage.

More on that later.

Democrats fucking suck at politics: AHCA edition

i think it’s gonna pass

I pray I’m wrong

why are Democrats holding national office so fucking incompetent at rhetoric

fucking Christ

This dude is fucking misspeaking tragically in ways that sound like Freudian slips, then mixing up millions and billions, and generally sounding like someone who lost his election for class president in high school.

I just can’t fucking deal with the fucking pathetic excuses for speechmaking that passes for average Democratic Party rhetoric. You fucking schlubs.

Why is it so hard for people to have a heart, a powerful voice, and political influence at the same time???

(That’s a rhetorical question)

If we cannot be honest with ourselves that Democrats far too often sound like wimps and nerds, we will never stop losing to the living embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect that is the Republican Party.

And then I hear a voice that sounds vaguely competent.

And it’s fucking Debbie Wasserman-Schulz.

Holy fucking Christ are we doomed if this is the best we can do.

“This is good legislation. [approx.] This is what we were sent here to do.”

This fucking tragedy of a person that is a congressman from Indiana was able to say these words while sounding confident, knowing, and like he wasn’t trying to kill people to make rich people richer.

Meanwhile, Democratic representatives that are white men are more often than not demonstrations of the Peter principle.

And now this guy is telling a stirring story about his Irish ancestor that is fucking irrelevant nonsense but is emotionally stirring.

“A vote against the American Health Care Act is a vote against freedom!”

This is why it will pass.

I can’t wait until there are Democrats in national office that grew up watching shit like Leverage and playing shit like League of Legends.

Maybe then tactical and rhetorical competence won’t be so commonly divided from compassion and an awareness that shit rolls downhill.

Oh thank God, a Black woman is speaking

this is what it sounds like for someone to NOT BE FUCKING TERRIBLE AT POLITICS while also being a Democrat

I’m done watching

wake me when it’s over